About the Media Player for Video On Demand

Basic usage

The player displays two videos - the presenter and the presentation - along with some control options on the lower menu bar. You can begin viewing the lecture by pressing the play button on top of the video window or in the control bar.

Basic usage player screen

Video navigation

You can navigate to any time in the video by clicking the timeline:

The timeline control

We also offer skip controls to about you navigate forward or backwards by set amounts - for instance, to skip back 10 seconds to hear something again that you may have missed.

The skip controls

You can use the slide navigation tool to skip to a specific part of the video based on what content was being presented. Click the tool and then click a slide to jump to that section of the video.

The slide navigation control

Speeding up / slowing down playback

You can increase/decrease the playback speed via the playback speed control within the settings tab. Click it and you'll get a set of choices. Select "1x" to set playback speed back to normal.

The playback speed control

Change video resolution

If you are experiencing stuttering or jerky playback, the video stream may be more than your available bandwidth can handle. To resolve this, try overriding the auto resolution setting. Click on the player's current resolution displayed in the settings menu to see available options.

The change video streaming resolution button

Changing the layout of the player

You can switch between several layouts designed to emphasize the camera or the presentation, depending on the current focus of what's happening in the video. For instance, if the instructor is working on a problem you might want to see the projected chalkboard in as much detail as possible. Switching layouts lets you do this.

You switch layouts with "switch layout" tool:

The switch layout control menu

There are also layout controls on the videos:

The switch layout control on the video

Viewing lectures in full screen mode

Use the "full screen" tool to maximize the size of the videos in your web browser. Press the escape key to exit, or simply click the control again.

The full screen control


A closed caption icon (CC) appears on the control bar if the publication contains closed captions. Click closed caption icon to enable captions.

Toggle captions button

The Information Links

The "Information Links" menu is located under settings. It has links to give feedback about the player and to find all videos in this course.

The about menu

Keyboard shortcuts

Some basic functions of the player can be used with the keyboard.

  • SPACE: play-pause
  • C: toggle captions
  • F: toggle fullscreen
  • M: mute
  • UP: volume up
  • DOWN: volume down
  • ESCAPE: exit from fullscreen mode

Shortcuts popup menu


This player is open source and based on the "Paella Engage Player" which is published by the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia under the Educational Community License. For more information https://paellaplayer.upv.es/